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AlbumMount™ Record Album Display

A must have for any true fan or collector of records, LPs, album covers and many other items. This is the perfect display option! 

Thousands sold already!  

Mount all of your collectibles on a wall or shelf - New Patented display product developed by AlbumMount™

Finally a NEW LOW COST AFFORDABLE Album Cover display system that can be used as either a wall mount or shelf stand – Two in one invisible morphing display system.  

AlbumMount™ holds all sizes albums - Fits them all!  Also great for many other collectibles!  (Holds Any collectible that is 1” in thickness by 13” in height).

Display literally disappears and provides a very unique “floating” look when mounted to any wall.  And if you don’t want to use for the wall it turns into a shelf stand and allows you to showcase your collectibles on any flat surface.  Product is very easy to set-up and fast!

What you get:

  • Awesome display option never before available!
  • 1 AlbumMount™ Mounting system containing 2 AlbumMount™ Brackets 1.313” x 3” x 7.14” (14.28” Total length)
  • 1 Carriage Bolt & 1 Flange Nut 10/24 size
  • 1 Spacer used for Shelf Mounting
  • Instructions for assembly for both wall mount and shelf stand display options
  • Mounting hardware not included (All you need is a nail or other wall mounting hardware)
  • Albums are NOT included with purchase

This product has so many uses you have to check it out!  People also use this product for:

  • Matchbox cars and other packaged toys
  • Children's artwork and books
  • Vinyl Records & Album Covers
  • Graphic Novels
  • In the office to hold documents while typing
  • Home decor items
  • Magazines and Playbills
  • On shelves to hold up award certificates and other framed products
  • Item #: AM001


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